Service Rates effective 2-1-2019


Standard Service

Removal of Covers

Cleaning, Oiling, Lubing

Checking Parts for Damage

Checking and Adjusting Timing Settings

Checking and Adjusting Specs and Adjustments with Gauges

Testing of Functions

Adjusting Tensions

Sewing out a Representative Sample of Stitches Including Buttonholes

Service Charges

Bernina Sewing Machines $70.00 with Module $95.00

Bernina 7 & 8 Series $95.00 with Module $125.00

Bernina 4 & 5 Series NG $75.00 with Module $100.00

Bernina Sergers $70.00

Bernina Sergers with Cover Stitch $80.00

Bernette Deco $70.00

Bernette Sewing Machines $70.00

Bernette Combo Machines $95.00

Other Brands Mechanical Machines $70.00

Other Brands Computer Machines $80.00 with Module $110.00

Other Brands 10” Throat and Up $125.00 with Module $145.00

Other Brands Sergers $75.00

Other Brands Sergers with Cover Stitch $85.00

Additional Charges

Removal of binds caused by lack of oil or machine being dropped

Repair of parts - polishing, disassembling, bending, or rebuilding

Replacement parts and labor for removing and installing parts

Special Charges

Bench Charge $25.00 Includes 15 minutes of bench time. Any adjustments made will be an additional charge. Any bench time over 15 minutes will have an additional charge.

Same Day Service with Appointment $25.00 plus the cost of the service

Same Day Service without Appointment $25.00 plus the cost of the service