Service Rates effective 2-1-2015


Standard Service Includes:

Removal of Covers

Cleaning, Oiling, Lubing

Checking Parts for Damage

Checking and Adjusting Timing Settings

Checking and Adjusting Specs and Adjustments with Gauges

Testing of Functions

Adjusting Tensions

Sewing out a Representative Sample of Stitches Including Buttonholes


Service Charges

Bernina Combo Machines $85.00 Machine $65.00 Module $20.00

Bernina 7 & 8 Series $125.00 Machine $95.00 Module $30.00

Bernina Sewing Machines $65.00

Bernina Sergers $65.00

Bernina Sergers with Cover Stitch $75.00

Bernette Deco $65.00

Bernette Sewing Machines $65.00

Bernette Combo Machines $85.00 Machine $65.00 Module $20.00


Other Brands Mechanical Machines $65.00

Other Brands Computer Machines $75.00

Other Brand Combo Machines $95.00 Machine $75.00 Module $20.00

Other Brands 10” Throat and Up $145.00 Machine $105.00 Module $40.00

Other Brands Sergers $65.00

Other Brands Sergers with Cover Stitch $75.00


Additional Charges

Removal of binds caused by lack of oil or machine being dropped

Repair of parts - polishing, disassembling, bending, or rebuilding

Replacement parts and labor for removing and installing parts

Special Charges

Bench Charge $20.00 Includes 15 minutes of bench time. Any adjustments made will be an additional charge. Any bench time over 15 minutes will have an additional charge.

Same Day Service is $20.00 plus the cost of the service