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Foot of the Month

February's Foot of the Month is the BERNINA Needle Punch Set #45, 25% off!

BERNINA Needle Punch #45
Traditionally a hand-worked technique, needle punching can be crafted by hand using a special attachment for BERNINA sewing machines. The technique creates a textured surface by punching roving (fibers that have been carded and combed, but not spun), yarn, or fabrics into a base or background fabric. The punching is done with a series of barbed needles that enmesh the fibers into the fabric as they are punched over and over again. Wool is the traditional fabric used for the background and also for the roving. Other sturdy fabrics such as denim or felt can be used and roving is available in several additional fibers such as silk and cotton. Along with roving, soft yarns work well for punching. Small pieces of fabric such as silk or linen can also be punched into the background fabric.

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