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Foot of the Month

For the month of April, we have hemmer feet on sale: 25% off BERNINA Hemmer Feet, #61, 62, 63, 64, 66, 68 and 69.

Precise, double-turned narrow hems are easy to sew using one of the BERNINA hemmer feet: #61 (2 mm zigzag), #62 (2 mm straight stitch), #63 (3 mm zigzag), #64 (4 mm straight stitch), #66 (6 mm zigzag), #68 (2mm roll and shell), #69 (2mm roll and shell) 

Details of Foot
Coil: Turns the fabric edge under twice, holding it in place for stitching.
Needle Opening: Stitch width can be up to 5.5mm wide, depending on the foot.
Channel: Is the width of finished hem.

Why So Many? Two differences in the various hemmer feet: One, size of the channel on the sole—this will be the finished width of the hem. Two, Needle opening is single hole for straight stitch or wide opening for decorative stitch.

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